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If you are 

  • Motivated 

  • Passionate 

  • Results-driven

We are looking for you 

Amanda Meredith Campaign Manager info_omereforcongress_edited.jpg
Business Discussion

This person will be responsible for assisting the manager in planning and coordinating events to promote a particular project, including advertising initiatives and political campaigns. Duties include coordinating the efforts of various agencies and marketing roles, hiring internal team members and developing strategic plans for communicating a brand message.

Young Businesswoman

This team will raise funds for the campaign. The fundraiser's responsibilities include calling potential donors, recruiting sponsors, and encouraging support through promotional activities.

Student on Mobile Phone

This team will assist the campaign directors with political/policy research, draft written communications, recruitment of volunteers, distribute campaign materials and provide 

operational assistance.


5830 Granite Parkway, Ste. 100

Plano, TX 75023



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