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Climate Action

According to the Union of Concerned Scientist Climate change is one of the most urgent issues of our day. Several recent studies show that acting quickly and decisively to address this challenge and shift our economy to clean energy will bring significant benefits to the United States—while also helping us avoid some of the worst consequences of unchecked global warming.

How do we accomplish this? 

  • Introduce and pass new amendments to The Clean Air Act to accommodate the current conditions of today 

  • Increase the incentives for recycling plastics, fabrics, and other waste materials that contribute to the landfills 

  • Allocate additional funding for the research and development of technologies that will convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, preserve the polar ice caps, and mitigate rising sea levels 

  • Support electric public transportation and expand the available routes to encourage more people to use ride-sharing when possible

  • Invest in alternative energy sources to increase energy production 

What else do you think we should do to improve climate action in America?

I'm always looking for innovative ideas. Let's connect.

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