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"Education is the master key to the doors of opportunity." We have to prioritize education because the more we know the further we can progress as a district and a nation. 

How do we accomplish this? 

  • Adequately fund Pre-K - 16 education. This will allow every American student to graduate with at least an associate degree

  • Restructure the curriculum to incorporate literacy and STEM education starting a Pre-K 

  • Ensure students are both college and career-ready upon the time of graduation 

  • Use proven methods of student evaluation and reduce ineffective standardized testing 

  • Reduce Pre K - 12th grade classroom sizes to 20 students per class maximum

  • Incentivize school districts to increase the percentage of students in dual enrollment courses 

  • Increase teacher salaries and provide funding for teachers to purchase supplies for classroom instruction.

  • Equal access for all women and men (including persons with disabilities) to affordable and quality technical, vocational and tertiary education. 

What else do you think we should do to improve education in America?

I'm always looking for innovative ideas. Let's connect.

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