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Beto Supporters Gives Iro Their Support Too

Governor Beto will need a US Congress

that will support his vision for Texas, not obstruct and fight him every inch of the way. That's why it is important to everyone that we flip Congressional District 4.

When Beto came to Frisco, Iro spoke to over 2,000 of his supporters. They were fired up and cheering to Flip Congressional District 4. That's sorely needed so that Democrats can keep control of a Congress which will help Beto.

Check out the clip

This year alone Democrats have been able to promote the Democratic Message “we want BETTER”: • Better funding for education • Better jobs and wages • Better healthcare system Beto, other candidates and I can win our elections if you as a supporter: • volunteer to help us reach voters • Donate to help us reach voters • Vote when the polls open in-person on Oct. 24

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